“The preservation of sound and image makes possible the archival view, the unimpassioned reflection upon the condition of a society, the acceptance of a multifaceted chronological concept. The recording process, with its encouragement of a sympathetic ‘after-the-fact’ historical view, is the indispensable replenishment of that deteriorating tolerance occasioned by simultaneous transmission.” – Glenn Gould

Recorded music is typically defined by a score of abstractions. There is no formula – no golden microphone – to produce meaningful art. Likewise, in my own struggle to convey what is enjoyable about a sound, I rarely find myself talking about equalization or compression rates. Rather, I always seem to be reaching for an essence, a feeling or a moment of brilliance.

My goal as an engineer is to seek out and enhance these intangible qualities in your work. As a fellow artist, I promise to respect your sound and help to create the experience you’ve envisioned for your audience.

I’d love to discuss your project, and won’t let budget restrictions stand in the way of great ideas. Contact me here, and I look forward to working with you!